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Oreo is a border collie. We’ve had him for 10.5 years. He’s a rescue dog (please do support rescue organisations) and was fully grown when we got him. We estimate that he is 13-14 years old. When we got him he was incredibly active. He loves running, walking, being with us, playing with us. He jumps up and down every time we open the doors.

He is of course becoming a senior. Last year, during the start of lockdown, he started slowing down. He used to easily be able to run 5km with us, but started struggling, so we took him for slower and shorter walks. This year he was really struggling so we asked the vet to look at him. Initially the diagnosis was he’s a senior citizen, but otherwise healthy. In March he lost his appetite. This time the vet diagnosed serious issues. Scans, tests etc showed a big mass in his abdomen. It was suggested that his time was up. Nevertheless our caring vet asked if he could operate and removed a large mass, and Oreo’s spleen that had turned cancerous. The vet said he believed he had removed all the cancer and that we should enjoy Oreo for whatever time he has left. He also said we should feed fresh food – chicken, rice and vegetables and stop the dry food.

This is how Furry Friends Fresh Dog Food started. We feed Oreo (and Waffle our 9 year old border collie) our fresh food exclusively. In a short 3 months Oreo has completely changed. He looks and behaves like a 4 year old. He runs, jumps and plays like he did when we first got him. Previously he could not jump into the back of our car. and had to be lifted. Now he takes a running jump.

Obviously our fantastic vet must take credit for Oreo’s health, but the healthy fresh food has made a huge difference. No god lives forever and we are thrilled to have Oreo for whatever time he has left. He is healthy and very very happy. Our fur babies are very spoilt. They sleep on our bed at night (with 2 cats) and come to the office every day while we cook Furry Friends Fresh Dog Food. They’ll come with us in the car very often so they are very spoilt.

It just so happens that the food we cook is costing us less than the expensive dry food we had been feeding our pets.

We make Furry Friends Fresh Foods – so you don’t have to cook.