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How much do you feed your dogs?

The most frequently asked question when we make a sale to a new client is – how much food should I give my dog?

The answer is simply – no set amount. You will figure out how much to give your dog over time. But to start off with, don’t make drastic changes to your dog’s diet.

Start off slowly – for a small dog, we suggest a few teaspoons full mixed in with the pellets.

For a  medium/large sized dog, we recommend a few tablespoons full.

As the dog gets more used to the food, we recommend that you slowly start increasing the wet food and reducing the pellets, until they are eating only the wet food.

We feed our dogs, border collies, 250g per meal. They eat twice a day. We are no longer giving them pellets.

One of our clients, feeds her small dogs 250g per day, ie 125g per meal.

Another client, feeds her pitpull, 500g per meal.

Some dogs ask for more once their food is finished.

We have some clients who give their dogs the food as a treat.

We have one client whose dog meticulously picks out the pellets and then eats what’s on his plate. The recommendation there is easy, no more pellets and more of our Furry Friends Dog Food.