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Economical Furry Friends Dog Food Saves Money

Our food has many benefits, one of which is it is very economical if you take it a holistic approach.

Firstly, the actual cost is less than premium dry food. Some premium dry food can cost up to R80 per kg. We acknowledge that dry food goes further, because it is dry, ie dehydrated. However compare it to our fresh food at R45 per kg and it seems as if our food is more economical.

Secondly, but more importantly, we believe our fresh food has huge health benefits. Our dogs have lived longer and we believe yours will too. How can you put a price on that? At the same time our vet visits and associated costs have reduced because our dogs have remained healthy.

Thirdly, the joy we get out of seeing our dogs enjoying their food is unmatched. How do you put a price on a happy dog?