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Beef Mince

Furry Friends Fresh Dog Food: Introducing Our New Beef Mince Recipe for a Tail-Wagging Delight

At Furry Friends Fresh Dog Food, we’re always striving to provide the best nutrition for your furry companions. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new and improved recipe featuring the delectable addition of beef mince. Building upon the success of our popular chicken-based food, we’ve crafted a premium dog food formula that combines the finest ingredients, including fresh human-grade beef mince, carrots, butternut, rice, eggs, turmeric, and a pinch of salt. Join us as we unveil this delectable creation, specially designed to satisfy your dog’s cravings while providing optimal nourishment.

  1. A Protein-Rich Marvel:
    We understand the importance of protein in a dog’s diet, which is why we’ve added fresh human-grade beef mince to our recipe. This high-quality protein source not only provides essential amino acids but also contributes to muscle development, strength, and overall vitality in your furry friends.
  2. Wholesome Vegetables for Optimal Health:
    Alongside our new beef mince, we continue to incorporate the goodness of farm-fresh carrots and butternut into our dog food. These nutrient-rich vegetables offer a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, supporting a robust immune system, healthy digestion, and promoting your dog’s overall well-being.
  3. Energy-Boosting Carbohydrates:
    To ensure your dogs have the energy to tackle their daily adventures, our recipe still includes wholesome rice as a carbohydrate source. Rice provides a readily available energy source and is easily digested, making it ideal for maintaining your dog’s energy levels throughout the day.
  4. Essential Proteins for Strong Muscles:
    Complementing the new beef mince, our dog food continues to feature eggs as a valuable source of protein. This combination of proteins from both beef and eggs provides a comprehensive amino acid profile, supporting healthy muscle development, maintenance, and optimal growth in your beloved companions.
  5. Harnessing the Power of Turmeric:
    Our commitment to holistic wellness led us to include turmeric in our recipe. This remarkable spice offers natural anti-inflammatory properties, potentially aiding in joint health and mobility. The antioxidant qualities of turmeric also help support your dog’s immune system, ensuring they stay active, happy, and healthy.
  6. Irresistible Taste for Happy Mealtimes:
    We understand that a flavorful meal is a joyful experience for dogs. By meticulously balancing the ingredients and incorporating a touch of salt, we’ve created a delectable flavor profile that will have your furry friends eagerly anticipating mealtime, ensuring their enjoyment and satisfaction with each and every bite.

At Furry Friends Fresh Dog Food, we’re thrilled to introduce our new beef mince recipe, a delicious and nutritious addition to our range. Crafted with love and care, our premium dog food combines fresh human-grade beef mince, carrots, butternut, rice, eggs, turmeric, and a pinch of salt to provide a complete and balanced diet for your furry family members. Treat your dogs to a wholesome and flavorful feast that will keep them happy, healthy, and wagging their tails with delight.

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Economical Furry Friends Dog Food Saves Money

Our food has many benefits, one of which is it is very economical if you take it a holistic approach.

Firstly, the actual cost is less than premium dry food. Some premium dry food can cost up to R80 per kg. We acknowledge that dry food goes further, because it is dry, ie dehydrated. However compare it to our fresh food at R45 per kg and it seems as if our food is more economical.

Secondly, but more importantly, we believe our fresh food has huge health benefits. Our dogs have lived longer and we believe yours will too. How can you put a price on that? At the same time our vet visits and associated costs have reduced because our dogs have remained healthy.

Thirdly, the joy we get out of seeing our dogs enjoying their food is unmatched. How do you put a price on a happy dog?

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Healthy dogs

Doctors say what you eat determines your health and longevity to a large extent.

The same applies to your pets. If you give them poor quality food, it could reduce their lifespan. True, they don’t smoke or drink like humans, but food low in essential nutrients is doing them no good. Yes, you can get dog food for as little as R25 per kg, but does it contain all that is needed to give your loved furry friends a longer life and educe vet bills?

Our border collies are 11 and 15. We know that our Furry Friends Dogs Food has helped them, and we hope they will be with us for a lot longer. I know you want the same for yours.

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How much do you feed your dogs?

The most frequently asked question when we make a sale to a new client is – how much food should I give my dog?

The answer is simply – no set amount. You will figure out how much to give your dog over time. But to start off with, don’t make drastic changes to your dog’s diet.

Start off slowly – for a small dog, we suggest a few teaspoons full mixed in with the pellets.

For a  medium/large sized dog, we recommend a few tablespoons full.

As the dog gets more used to the food, we recommend that you slowly start increasing the wet food and reducing the pellets, until they are eating only the wet food.

We feed our dogs, border collies, 250g per meal. They eat twice a day. We are no longer giving them pellets.

One of our clients, feeds her small dogs 250g per day, ie 125g per meal.

Another client, feeds her pitpull, 500g per meal.

Some dogs ask for more once their food is finished.

We have some clients who give their dogs the food as a treat.

We have one client whose dog meticulously picks out the pellets and then eats what’s on his plate. The recommendation there is easy, no more pellets and more of our Furry Friends Dog Food.

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Oreo is a border collie. We’ve had him for 10.5 years. He’s a rescue dog (please do support rescue organisations) and was fully grown when we got him. We estimate that he is 13-14 years old. When we got him he was incredibly active. He loves running, walking, being with us, playing with us. He jumps up and down every time we open the doors.

He is of course becoming a senior. Last year, during the start of lockdown, he started slowing down. He used to easily be able to run 5km with us, but started struggling, so we took him for slower and shorter walks. This year he was really struggling so we asked the vet to look at him. Initially the diagnosis was he’s a senior citizen, but otherwise healthy. In March he lost his appetite. This time the vet diagnosed serious issues. Scans, tests etc showed a big mass in his abdomen. It was suggested that his time was up. Nevertheless our caring vet asked if he could operate and removed a large mass, and Oreo’s spleen that had turned cancerous. The vet said he believed he had removed all the cancer and that we should enjoy Oreo for whatever time he has left. He also said we should feed fresh food – chicken, rice and vegetables and stop the dry food.

This is how Furry Friends Fresh Dog Food started. We feed Oreo (and Waffle our 9 year old border collie) our fresh food exclusively. In a short 3 months Oreo has completely changed. He looks and behaves like a 4 year old. He runs, jumps and plays like he did when we first got him. Previously he could not jump into the back of our car. and had to be lifted. Now he takes a running jump.

Obviously our fantastic vet must take credit for Oreo’s health, but the healthy fresh food has made a huge difference. No god lives forever and we are thrilled to have Oreo for whatever time he has left. He is healthy and very very happy. Our fur babies are very spoilt. They sleep on our bed at night (with 2 cats) and come to the office every day while we cook Furry Friends Fresh Dog Food. They’ll come with us in the car very often so they are very spoilt.

It just so happens that the food we cook is costing us less than the expensive dry food we had been feeding our pets.

We make Furry Friends Fresh Foods – so you don’t have to cook.

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How to transition to Fresh Dog Food

We don’t want our furry friends to have tummy issues, so it is best to transition slowly. We recommend you start by giving your dog small amounts of fresh food, mixed with their existing food. Increase the amount each day until you aer feeding them exclusively freshly cooked food.

Similarly do not stop fresh food instantly, decrease it slowly by adding their other food each day – though we see no reason why we would ever go back to dry or tinned food.