Announcing the Tail Me Cat and Dog Tracker

A lost pet is the most terrible feeling. Tail Me has an innovative hi-tech solution.

Tail Me is a tracking device that fits on your pet’s collar. It uses cell phone technology to broadcast your pet’s location. You can monitor it from the convenience of your cell phone wherever you are in the world. If your pet does wander, you will now about it immediately because you can even set a “geofence” which is an area around your home and if the pet goes beyond this area, it can sound an alarm on your phone.

It works so simply, and so efficiently. It does need charging once a week and of course you will need to purchase a data only SIM card. Thereafter you never need worry about a pet getting lost.

Unlike other products we do not charge a monthly subscription fee. You would only pay your cell phone provider for the data used. Buy now.